Copiah Academy Library

The Library program is grounded in Information Literacy, pleasure reading, and carefully selected resources that support the teaching curriculum.  The complexity of the present world of information demand that students be discerning researchers, ethical users and creators of knowledge.  Information Literacy is the ability to effectively find, evaluate and use information across all media and disciplines. 

Reading for pleasure is encouraged in that research tells us that those who read for pleasure attain an empathy for others, a better understanding of themselves, and a broader sense of being connected to the world.  Statistics tell us that those who read for pleasure are more successful students and that it impacts the emotional and physical well being of the individual.  The CA book collection, along with the Book Fair and the Accelerated Reader program are meant to support this thought.

The library recognizes the importance of collaboration with teachers.  They are encouraged to offer supportive curricular material online to ensure the success of their students.